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3rd-Jan-2012 07:09 pm - markvanbommel.tumblr.com
Football// Zlatan - Only God Can Judge M
The best place for current news and lots of photos, please visit the tumblr for Mark at markvanbommel.tumblr.com

I apologize for the lack of updates here, but I do better on the tumblr site.
6th-May-2011 03:37 pm - AC Milan's new home jersey.
Football// Zlatan - Only God Can Judge M

Mark unveils next year's AC Milan home jersey.

5th-May-2011 01:24 pm(no subject)
Football// Mark - Abs orangish colored
 Things have been kind of hectic, but I promise to try and update this journal more often.  
24th-Apr-2011 08:36 pm - Happy Birthday!Mark!

Ich liebe dich!My friend and I made this cake by ourself yesterday!
I am a Chinese girl,and I love Mark so much.Wish he will be happy in Milan. XD

25th-Jan-2011 03:31 pm - Mark moves to Milan.
Football// Zlatan - Only God Can Judge M
 It is official.  Mark has left Bayern Munich for AC Milan.  Mark requested to leave earlier and due to his contributions to the club, his wish was granted.  The move is effective immediately.  Mark has gone off to Milan and could debut for the club as early as tomorrow.  He will be greatly missed!  Here's hoping for lots of success at Milan!
Football// Zlatan - Only God Can Judge M
 Mark van Bommel leaving Bayern Munich after this season. Uli Hoeness, President of the German club, said in Sport Bild reported Wednesday. ”We need to rejuvenate. Van Bommel’s contract runs mid-2011.”

Hoeness called the departure of the Dutch captain a normal state of affairs. ”It has to do with his age, not his game. No club can avoid having to give the younger players a chance every once in awhile . That’s what we do.”

According to Hoeness Mark will not leave during the winter break. ”We would like for van Bommel to stay until the end of the season. He hasn’t asked to leave before then.”
Football// Mark - 17 van Bommel
"My ultimate goal is to win the 2012 Euro Cup with the Dutch national team"

"In every game I ask the max of myself. I go to the extreme. This must be at the expense of many things. But it should never injure the other player. That is the limit. I try in a fair way to catch every ball. That is a mentality. It is also an art to estimate when you'll win a game at one hundred percent certainty. "

"Sometimes an opponent has the upper hand in a game. Then a duel tilts. A good duel can affect the course of a game. In away games it's often the case that the crowd is behind the opponent. And it may sometimes happen that they will outrun you. Attack after attack. The audience will get louder and louder. You feel that something must be done, otherwise you lose. I'll try to win the ball, knowing that you will in that way send off a signal. To the crowd and especially to your colleagues on the pitch. "

"I remember a Bayern Munich match against Manchester United. After twenty minutes we already were 3-0 behind. We were being outrun on all sides. At one point their right back came forward for the umpteenth time. I still see him on the sidelines pushing forward. I knew then ... If I win the duel against him, I will give off a sign. A signal. I knew I had to win it. And that happened. I ran. I put my entire body into it. Captured the ball and it immediately went forward. And strange as it may sound, we then had more grip on the match. It is also a quality to be able to feel, what in which duels you can set the tone. I recognize those moments. In the quarterfinals at the World Cup in South Africa, against Brazil, it was also the case... We were behind 1-0. And 2-0 was closer than a draw. At a certain point you say, 'To here and no further'. "

"In my time at Fortuna Sittard, where I started as a professional footballer, I had that already. You have it or you do not. If you need to learn this yourself, you run the risk that you go into a dual at the wrong time during a match. It is a certain quality. "
27th-Dec-2010 09:18 am - Rumors, rumors and more rumors.
Football// Mark - Upclose grin
Mark Van Bommel Is Unlikely To Leave Bayern Munich In January - Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Mark van Bommel has struggled to replicate his best form for Bayern Munich this season, and amid injuries and speculations over his qualifications, the Dutch enforcer has been linked with a move away from the Saebener Strasse.

However, Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has scuppered these rumours, stating that a transfer is rather unlikely.

“I don’t think Mark will leave in the winter,” he toldKicker.

Van Bommel recently agreed that a transfer is unlikely. However, he added, “If a good club comes along and that club fits then I will think about it.”

The player’s agent, Mino Raiola, revealed that while he has yet to engage in contract extension discussions, the 33-year-old remains a hot commodity on the transfer market.

“I am not aware if something could happen already this January but I know there are bags of clubs keen on Mark, clubs from inside and outside the Bundesliga.”

Recent speculation suggested interest from Wolfsburg for the services of Van Bommel, whose contract is set to expire in June.
27th-Dec-2010 08:50 am - Mark & Andra in Helden Magazine
Football// Zlatan - Only God Can Judge M
Mark and Andra were interviewed by Dutch magazine Helden (Heroes).

Click thumbnails for larger.

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27th-Dec-2010 08:13 am - Hello folks
Football// Zlatan - Only God Can Judge M
I'm sorry for the lack of updates here. It's been a tough year and I've been sick on and off. Even did a short stint in the hospital, but I am doing better now and plan to get back to regular updates of the community and Mark news. Thanks for hanging in there and I look forward to spreading some more Mark love with you all.

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can always send a note to markvanbommellj at gmail dot com.
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